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Infrastructure for Today’s

most affordable batteries…

Ready for Tomorrow’s.

Rae provides safe, bolt in, engineered, EV solutions for the Ford Ranger.

Batteybox2 We design, model and test all of our products.

Our current product is based on the tested release of our 24.3 KWHR Ford Ranger.

2002 Ford Ranger  Rae EV Ranger
sm_BMS_img Rae always maintains its batteries with a BMS, battery management system, to ensure safety and battery longevity.

Rae’s goal is to provides you bolt in conversion system designed with simplicity and performance .

In this dynamic industry, this EV system will allow you to update to newer battery technologies on your budget and your timeline.

bateryBox1 The Ford Ranger is the ideal vehicle for an EVconversion.

The chassis can support the additional battery weight. The batteries are completely separated from the passenger compartment, and our system provides easy access to the batteries.

rangerEVbackUpSM RangerHoodUpSM

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